Kelsey Blackwell's Race and the Body: Why Somatic Practices Are Essential for Racial Justice

“Racism is a visceral experience” - Coates


“Including the body…towards social justice…is the primary path forward” - Blackwell


“We focused our efforts in the wrong direction…white supremacy doesn’t live in our thinking brains…it lives and breathes in our body.” - Resmaa Menakem


“The only path forward requires dismantling who we think we are.” - Blackwell


“The body…says, this is true…this is happening…this is honest.” -Blackwell

“Few skills are more essential than the ability to settle your body.” - Menakem

{ This one. A superpower. Also, settle your body vs settle on your body or your land vs settle an argument. }

“There’s a saying in Guinea that ‘knowledge is only rumor until it’s in the muscle.'” - Blackwell

“Rocking, humming, and making physical contact with each other…” - Blackwell

{ Sitting, bowing, chanting, walking, eating, cooking, cleaning. To retreat, to practice. To leap like a tiger while sitting. }