Language ergonomic studies: Possession: Ruby, JavaScript, D/s, Mycology

There exist happy little clouds of coincidence when studying new languages. And not just across the computer ones, mind you!

Ruby and Indonesian share a frugal brevity and disinterest in flairs of punctuation when managing possession.

Itu bukuku.


That's my book.


me = Person.find(my_user_id)
my_books = me.books


const me = await prisma.user.findUnique({ 
	where: { 
		id: 99, 
	include: { 
		books: true 
myBooks = me.books;

Well, Rails AR query syntax vs Prisma (NodeJS). (Also, did I do a useful interpretation of linguistic possession in a soft coding expression??)

This isn’t YAOFJS (Yet Another Opprobrium for JS). I don’t have a quarrel with English, either. Although I find it often fairly dull when it’s not rescued by the reticulations of regional and immigrant (forced or free) anastomosis of the tongue and mouth (and whatever other maneuvers contribut to nudging the Queen’s own verbage (I’ve forgotten if there is anything before a body without organs, how is it done???)) that take root in everyday speech.

Only a mere 30 pages (of 250) into Make the Golf Course a Public Sex Forest and you run headlong into Raechel Anne Jolie’s musings on D/s, mushrooms, and mouths. There’s probably something here to dwell on with respect to power, colonialism, oral sex, entangelment, Dulcinea Pitagora’s “subspace” in BDSM play (ohhh, wonderful that this term wasn’t entirely pre-figured by Roddenberry’s universe expanse), etc…

Cue Butler’s Xenogenesis, ringing in my ears.