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Hey all hand wave icon My name is Ross Chapman. I'm a product-focused software engineer with an interest in building livable codebases with people from diverse backgrounds. Welcome to my professional web portal ☺️☺️☺️

Brief career history: In 2010 I started out as a website manager in digital marketing. In 2014 I became a web application engineer. That's about 10 years doing internet-y things! During that time I've worked in startups from series A to IPO, and have been equally excited to work on teams large and small.

Semi-frequently I journal hand writing icon about the human and technology parts of being a professional coder. You may find echoes of these writers and posts like these which influence my general bent.

Looking for a technical mentor? I'd love to help you level up in javascript icon, react icon, and testing. For 2+ years I've mentored early-career software engineers both in a formal company setting, as co-founder of a bi-monthly in-person gathering, and most recently with the summer 2020 cohort of Code Cooperative.

Here are some thoughtful endorsements from former colleagues:

It's rare that you come across someone as eager and excited to learn new things and refactor awkward codebases as Ross.
- Melissa Roman, Engineer, Eventbrite
Ross is an impressive, talented software engineer you can rely on. He’s a 100% team player who always inspired others to maintain high code quality, and never hesitated to bring up new ideas and approaches for the team’s productivity.
- JZ, Engineer, Eventbrite
Ross is a strong engineer with the ability to architect and implement complex frontend applications. Ross cares deeply about the separations of concerns between frontend and backend: clean API.
- Shigeki Hirose, Distinguished Engineer, Eventbrite
His enthusiasm for technology, drive for learning, and thoroughness in designing solutions make him a great engineer to work with. Ross brings a high level of energy to the team and is just fun to be around!
- Annie He, Engineer, Eventbrite
Ross has a remarkable ability to look holistically at a product and contribute not only code, but also user experience improvements and the product insights.
- Ana Ulin, Manager, Science Exchange
Apart from being a hilarious and fun person to be around, I admire Ross's dedicated learning style—he is always reading, writing, and discussing tech online and offline.
- Mike Fotinakis, Engineer, Science Exchange
Ross is the Ross of all trades: strong technical expertise, excellent communication abilities, leadership and mentorship skills, and a passion for cultivating the engineering culture.
- Satyan Pai, Engineer, Science Exchange

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