Goings on about town: Iowa teen grew 7,000 pounds of veggies, then gave them all away

Over morning coffee, mixed with used iron goddess king tea leaves. Questions about things in paper.

kopi pagi tambah daun teh raja dewi besi

Why ya why ya why ya why ya why ya wanna why ya wanna

  1. Some people just have acres of arable land lying around to play with
  2. Why didn’t Lauren work with her family to give this land back to indigenous tribes? In 2022 tribes finally won 7 acres back after 200 years. If the Schroeder’s gave back their 2 acres, they would increase the footprint of sovereign native lands in Iowa by 30%.
  3. What happens if Lauren loses interest in this project? Or goes off to college? Will the people served by the food banks and other orgs she’s supporting suffer as a result?
  4. How is hunger an issue in a heavily agricultural state?
  5. Is this an acceptable form of child labor, especially with her two siblings also working with her?
  6. I wonder if Lauren offered the unnamed domestic violence survivor a chance to help with the project and give her kids a chance to grow their own food again.

Why did Dr. J shave his beard and mustache?