Ross' head turned to the side against a backdrop of shrubbery

Hi internet visitor! I’m Ross Chapman. A software engineer, kung fu instructor, activist, and writer. 👋🏻


As a source coder, I have a decade of experience writing commercial software across industries and sectors: a scientific research outsourcing marketplace, popular event management ticketing software, industrial pharmacy warehouse software, a fledgling community-driven CMS. That’s on purpose. The freedom of choice and drift toward compelling socio-technical problems were big attractions for building a livelihood as a coder. (Well, mixed with a dash of retrograde desire to join alternative hacker fantasies. )

Let’s build something! I’m seeking out people and organizations that learn together, are competent in or working toward shared theory building, and have repositories accumulating code on the boring side. I show up for customers while also facilitating joyful, trust-based development and collaboration amongst peers. I’m eager to leverage training in feminist and human-rights centered technology design, nonviolent communication, and facilitation toward those goals.

Software is my profession, but I also find the phenomenon of software development philosophically mesmerizing on its own. When we collaborate you’ll find I have a natural wonder and curiosity about the socio-technical software system that fills my cup through our trade’s exasperations moments of outages, bug fixing, and problem solving. Here I’m thinking about how Federica Frabetti describes what we do in her 2015 book Software Theory. Tracing the ontological crisis of software which constantly “undoes itself”, she offers:

There is no general approach to software than can establish once and forever how software works.

Wild! There’s more.


When I’m not writing software, I’m moving as much as possible. For over 15 years I’ve been practicing and teaching an Indonesian-based White Crane Kung Fu, Persatuan Gerak Badan Bangau Putih. I’m thrilled by ancient forms of natural movement and the benefit they offer contemporary bodies that don’t get much chance to flex, stretch, balance, roll, slide, and fill deeply with oxygen. (Although the deepest secrets are only revealed by my true master, my tuxedo cat-son Banzo.) Let’s move!


Let’s be radical! I’m devastated by (what bell hooks named the) imperialist white supremacist hetero-patriarchy’s choke hold on our freedoms and self-determination. Let’s connect if you’re involved in social justice work, particularly if you’re working on resourcing emergent transitions to solidarity economies and abolishing prisons. I’m buying ☕️🍵🧉. I want to hear about your fantasies and horizons of a healthy, happy, abundant world in the year 2170 and how you’re conspiring toward collective liberation led by directly impacted BIPOC and LGBTQ+ movements. Would love to share my background in donor organizing with Resource Generation, funding work with the Leadership Circle of the Circle For Justice Innovations, democratic workspaces like Zinc Coop where I sling some code and peer mentorship, and Breaking the Mold - a growing community of white guys becoming better partners for collective liberation.