Rutabagas: Vol. 1: Careful with Octavia Butler, the Sex Forest Movement, Nat King Cole Sampler, and of course tech doomsayers

Originally posted as a micro website at Rutabagas are now sprouting here when the time is right. Volume 1 includes “found dates” – but later volumes will be less temporally registered (I think).

(Why “Rutabagas”? This was Zee’s fault when he extemporaneously blurted “Ross' Rutabagas” as a fake shop name to stand in for an example during a Zinc Coop ensemble sesh.)

  1. 10/06/23 - [r/Jazz] Nat King Cole Appreciation Post & [r/Jazz] Nat King Cole Piano Recordings

    When you need to deep dive into the influential piano playing of Nat King Cole that influenced greats like Oscar Peterson.

  2. 10/02/23 - Make the Golf Course a Public Sex Forest!: An excerpt by Anna Aguiar Kosicki

    <p>Discovered via Sophie Lewis’ <a href="">Patreon</a>.
    Book ordered!</p>
  3. 09/25/23 - Block the Bots that Feed “AI” Models by Scraping Your Website by Neil Clarke

  4. 09/25/23 - The Unreal Writer by Joanne McNeil

    Discovered via my mastodon feed, shared by Betsy Haibel:

    “This is happening with Octavia Butler in real time. Her daring and the moral complexity of her characters is swept away in recent assessments to create a coherent legacy—that of an earth mother tote bag caricature-icon. This is reading authors as flap copy, accessing the top layer of the writing, and refusing to convene with the messy human elements in the work. What are their books—any books—even for, other than for us to approach as humans, wandering around with their words and experience the extraordinary workings of another human’s mind?

    The snobbery against science fiction in the past and today’s cartoon icons of some of its weirdest authors comes from the same root: an establishment that doesn’t know how to read or appreciate it. The establishment needs the work digestible as buzzy fragments. The feral elements in what are now science fiction classics—the originality and experimentation—isn’t legible to them; which means even the most famous authors, when you encounter the work on your own, are likely to surprise you. Their mysteries as authors remain mysteries and to a more generous reader—that mystery is exactly what hooks you.”

  5. 09/24/23 - Apple fucked us on right to repair (again): “Parts-pairing” is a scam by Cory Doctorow

  6. 09/24/23 - 🎧 Bizarre and Dangerous Utopian Ideology Has Quietly Taken Hold of Tech World by Kelly Hayes